A cake shaped like a pirate ship

Pirate Ship Cake

For Orli, Hannah, Nick and Letty, Fall 2006
Cake shaped like black hole

Black Hole Cake

For Lisa, Summer 2013
Cake shaped like a raised garden bed

Raised Garden Cake

For Molly's Garden Party, Summer 2014
A cake shaped like a drum

Drum Cake

For Vi, Spring 2011
Cake shaped like a bus

Bus Cake

For Vi, Spring 2012
Cake shaped like black hole

Guillotine Cake

Independence Day, 2007
Small cake shaped like a hat

The "If McCain actually votes against this healthcare bill I'll eat my hat" Cake

July 2017
Cupcakes with LED candles

Electric Birthday Candle Cupcakes

Winter 2011
Nine cupcakes representing each of the NWSL teams

NWSL Cupcakes

Winter 2019
A cake showing a runner heading towards the finish line of the Boston marathon

Boston Marathon Cake

For Alex, 2019
Two cakes shaped kind of line alien worlds

Alien Worlds Cakes

With the kids at Parts & Crafts, Summer 2012
A cake shaped like a sea slug

Sea Slug Cake

For Mitchell, 2012
A cake in the shape of the trans pride flag

Trans Flag Cake

For Vi's B'Nai Mitzvah, 2023