A cake shaped like a pirate ship

Pirate Ship Cake

For Orli, Hannah, Nick and Letty, Fall 2006
Cake shaped like black hole

Black Hole Cake

For Lisa, Summer 2013
Cake shaped like a raised garden bed

Raised Garden Cake

For Molly's Garden Party, Summer 2014
A cake shaped like a drum

Drum Cake

For Zev, Spring 2011
Cake shaped like a bus

Bus Cake

For Zev, Spring 2012
Cake shaped like black hole

Guillotine Cake

Independence Day, 2007
Small cake shaped like a hat

The "If McCain actually votes against this healthcare bill I'll eat my hat" Cake

July 2017
Cupcakes with LED candles

Electric Birthday Candle Cupcakes

Winter 2011
A cake shaped like a sea slug

Sea Slug Cake

For Mitchell, 2012
Two cakes shaped kind of line alien worlds

Alien Worlds Cakes

With the kids at Parts & Crafts, Summer 2012
Nine cupcakes representing each of the NWSL teams

NWSL Cupcakes

Winter 2019