Shauna Gordon-McKeon


I'm a programmer and a writer, a researcher and a community manager, and a lot of other things besides. I care deeply about openness: open science, open government, open source software.

I'm also fascinated by complexity. How do we make use of the massive scientific and medical literature, and how do we manage systemic bias within it? How do we architect software projects - technically and organizationally - so that large communities of people can contribute? How do we make our governments more responsive and representative?

In run a technology consulting business, Galaxy Rise Consulting, where I work primarily with individuals and small organizations to address their technical needs, whether that means building websites and plugins, analyzing datasets, or documenting messy code.

In the past, I conducted social psychology research, managed an open source outreach non-profit, ran debates and mock trials and puzzle hunts and sheep brain dissections for kids, compiled meta-analyses of medical research for patients, and even wrangled monkeys.

I'm always interested in potential collaborations, so if you have an idea or an opportunity, please get in touch.



The Little R'er

A question-based introduction to R.



Chasing Paper

Rethinking the academic journal article.



Talking the Talk

AlterConf, October 2014


Last year, I asked some of my colleagues to collaborate on an open recommendation letter for a fellowship application. I've excerpted my favorite part:

"Shauna gets things done, from running events to building useful technology and sharing knowledge, and always empowers others in the process. She is a shining example of the potential of empathy + technology + open communities to change the world."