Shauna Gordon-McKeon


I'm a developer, researcher and writer who focuses on open technologies and the communities that build and use them. My background in research psychology and my years of experience as a developer for both lab and web have convinced me: it's vital to understand both human and machine if you want to build technology which makes a difference.

Currently, my focus is on building an open science platform with Rapid Science, a nonprofit that aims to encourage collaboration in translational science and medicine. As Chief Technologist, I'm responsible for the design and development of our main product, the Rapid Learning Platform.

I am always happy to talk about potential collaborations, so if you have an idea or an opportunity, please get in touch. I am also available for short term consulting, which I provide pro bono for open source & non-profit organizations.


I have spoken at dozens of conferences, meetups, and community events. Highlights include:

This fall, I'll be giving my first keynote at SeaGL.


The majority of my writing can be found on my personal blog. I also write at several other places around the web:

Web Development

I create websites and web applications for individuals and organizations looking to have an impact online. For static sites and simple blogs I prefer to use Bootstrap and Wordpress, but for applications I work in Django. I am handy with HTML/CSS and capable of customizing a theme as needed (e.g. this site), but I'm also happy to work with your designer.

I am adamant about writing well-documented, maintainable code using industry standard tools. I want my clients to have the freedom to work with other developers and to make changes themselves if they're interested. For simple static sites, I am happy to teach you how to do basic editing and adding of content.

If you're interested in working together, contact me.


I've done all kinds of research, from observing monkeys* to analyzing vials of peoples' spit** to sticking people in giant magnets and asking them questions about their morals***.

These days I'm more focused on secondary research: meta-analysis, systematic review, and metascience. I explore the hidden biases and structural limitations that impede our ability to answer important scientific and medical questions. I am available for consulting and small-scale contract work, including mentorship of data science newcomers interested in learning about tools like R and NumPy/SciPy/Pandas.

I also occasionally do research reviews of specific medical conditions for clients.

Last year, I asked some of my colleagues to collaborate on an open recommendation letter for a fellowship application. The following was my favorite part:

"Shauna gets things done, from running events to building useful technology and sharing knowledge, and always empowers others in the process. She is a shining example of the potential of empathy + technology + open communities to change the world."